The memory foam mattress is one of the first priorities of many buyers. It is an open cell that is it is porous and breathable to eliminate the problems related to heat or humidity, typical of economic Memory mattresses. The quality is also measured in density Kg / m3 (kilograms per cubic meter). A good memory has a minimum density of 50 kg / m3. Lower is economic. In fact, cheap memory mattresses are very hot in the summer because they are not very attractive and of low density, so they could soon lose their slow memory.

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Let us check the 3 characteristics of a good mattress.

1. The price:

Considering the catalogs of the manufacturers, and making an average, we can safely declare that a good double mattress must cost at least between 550 and 650 Dollars if it costs less it cannot be presented as the best mattress that will solve your problems and last for a lifetime.

Companies that purchase quality raw materials face higher costs. It is often thought that by skipping the entire distribution chain, that is, by purchasing the mattress online instead of turning to a store, the economic price of a mattress is justified.

But we who sell both in-store and online can guarantee that this is not the case. An excellent mattress will always have an important price. Beware then of prices that are too low if proposed by retailers who have only one line of mattresses of which they are exclusive because you will not be able to check elsewhere if the price is really discounted or if the original price has been inflated.

If your budget is lower, consider purchasing a less articulated mattress, that is, easier to make. For more info on the prices of the best mattresses visit our online store.

 2. Height of the mattress:

“Half beauty height” is not necessarily to be considered also for mattresses. The height of a good mattress also depends on the type. A good pocket spring mattress will be at least 24 cm high, in Memory 22 cm, only the latex mattresses can be less than 20 cm high, because they express their qualities even with the internal mattress sheet of 18 cm, for example.

3. Ask and get advice from the dealer:

Call, email, inform what you are looking for. A good mattress will be warmly recommended by the retailer because a professional will always have the good result of his mattress at heart.