We have already talked about the factors that led to the growth of the used market in our country before. Now let’s tackle the question more precisely: why sell or buy a used mattress? The answer is really simple: to earn something and save. Often the old and used mattress is abandoned to itself, or thrown illegally at some point in our city.

Selling it, if it is in good condition, allows you to recover part of the expense that you will make for the new one without it being necessary to take it to landfill and without contacting others to dispose of it.

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Where to buy a used mattress?

Buying a mattress used today is really easy on the numerous online sales portals, specialized and not. There are also specific pages on social networks, with an extraordinary number of offers.

Buying a used mattress means also going to get it, so the necessary time must be taken into account, so it is always good, after evaluating the factors we mentioned earlier, to choose a product that is close to us. In this way, we will be able to see the mattress used in the question. There are also subjects specialized in this trade, but the saving margin is reduced if compared to quality; even if there are guarantees.

The absolute best advice if you really want to save money and buy a mattress with a good safety margin is to contact a relative or a friend you have known for a long time.

Certainly it will never be comparable to the purchase of a new mattress, but it is certainly better than buying a mattress used by a complete stranger both from an economic point of view and above all from the point of view of hygienic safety; certainly knowing the type of cleaning care that the latter has.

How much should you buy a used mattress?

From a hygienic point of view it is absolutely not convenient, especially if we do not know from whom it was used, how it was used (it could also have been used for a long-term patient, as far as we know, or it could have been washed only once every two years, we can’t be sure how much it says who is selling it) and if we don’t know exactly how many years it has been used.